PBS Your Inner Fish Neil Shubin (2009)

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06:25Evolution of fish -> primates 09:00 Human hand 10:40Sir Richard Owen: 4-legged animals - dog bones one bone, two bones, little bones, fingers; BIRD
11:30Darwin common ancestor 12:00Primate hands -> paws -> earliest tetrapods 12:30Fish fins
14:00Devonian 360MYA 17:30Pennsylvania Red Hill: early 4-legged: "Stegas" have shoulder girdle 17:55 Ichthyostega
18:30shoulder girdle like salamander: can swim/walk tetrapod w gills/lungs 365 MYA Jenny Clack (Greenland) 20:50Northern Canada 10MY older 26:00 single egg
26:30 Early embryos gill arches (lower jaw, middle ear, voice box) 28:04 Molly has gill 29:30 Fish gonads are near heart
30:00Mammal gonads drop outside body - can have hernias; fish don't have hernias 36:00Cliff Tobin 48:40 Fruit fly
39:50 Sonic Hedgehog gene 40:40 chick digits 41:30Kamani has extra digit
42:00 Excess Hedgehog - extra digit 43:20Skate embryos grow in a sac (mermaid's purse) also respond to Sonic Hedgehog 48:30 Tiktaalik scales, fins, gills, lungs; bones inside fins 375 MYA
0:00Your Inner Reptile 02:00Parrsboro Bay of Fundy tides, Nova Scotia 06:10200MYO teeth tritheledont part reptile/mammal
10:00 Human fetus has yolk sac (but no yolk) and amnion 11:50Amniotic egg 13:00Reptile genes for yolk genes; mammal genes nonfunctional
14:00Reptile layers of skin - shed 16:30Karoo (Land of Great Thirst), South Africa; Roger Smith 21:20250MYO Gorgonopsid teeth elongated canines - start of differentiation; reptiles do not have incisors, canines, cusps/molars; grow multiple sets
28:25252MYA climate change, Permian mass extinction 30:55Thrinaxodon has hair/whiskers around jaw for sensory organ in burrow rather than thermoregulation 36:00London - Abigail Tucker, bearded dragon jaw skin folds and grows into molar tooth, hairs, glands, scale/feathers
37:40Master E.D.A. gene; actor Michael Berryman (Star Trek) mutant has no fingernails/teeth 41:25Mammal ear flaps, middle ear bones; reptiles only one 43:00 Gray Short-tailed Opossum is a marsupial Karen Sears
44:20 Dermestid Beetles eat away flesh; embryonic bones 45:10develop into mammalian middle ear 46:50200MYA new jaw bones
48:00China: Zhe-Xi Luo found Hadrocodium 195MYO fossil lower jaw bones became part of the ear; has huge brain 0:00Your Inner Monkey 02:15We have coccyx at base of spine
03:10Squirrel Monkey 05:251870 surgeon finds Notharctus 50MYA fossil Jonathan Bloch looks at its hands 06:25Thumb, long fingers, nails: fine branch niche
12:5023MYA primate color vision 13:20Jay Neitz color lab 15:25Proteins called 3 "opsins" to detect color; early primates have 2 opsins
16:15Gene for 3rd opsin duplicated from previous gene 17:15Implant opsins in color-blind monkey -> color vision 19:25Human poor sense of smell: dogs 1000 genes for smell, but 600 don't work in humans - not needed any more
21:25Walk on 2 legs. Northern Africa, Don Johanson: 3.2MYO Lucy was bipedal - Australopithecus Afarensis 27:00Tim White, U of Berkeley, expedition to Middle Awash 4.4MYO 28:40Yohannes Haile-Selassie finds bone of Ardipithecus in woodland
32:00Owen Lovejoy: Ardi had grasping foot for climbing but can walk; small canines 36:00Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Bruce Latimer skeletons from morgue: curved spine -> 80% back problems 38:25Thoracic vertebrae can wedge fracture
39:25Ethiopia, Bill Kimbel 2MO: Homo habilis tools 41:45 Primate brain 43:10Tom Burbacher U. of Washington: 3 month-old Pig-tailed Macaque has object permanance, not human; need long childhood
46:1016 billion neurons in cortex 47:25Shark also has forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain 49:00 Amphioxus (Lancet) has nerve genes for brain 500MYA Peter Holland U. of Oxford
09:00 Human hand
10:40 dog bones
17:55 Ichthyostega
26:00 single egg
26:30 Early embryos
28:04 Molly has gill
29:30 Fish gonads
48:40 Fruit fly
39:50 Sonic Hedgehog gene
40:40 chick digits
Human hand
42:00 Excess Hedgehog - extra digit
48:30 Tiktaalik
10:00 Human fetus has yolk sac
36:00 skin
Monodelphis domestica
43:00 Gray Short-tailed Opossum
44:20 Dermestid Beetles
45:10 middle ear
41:45 Primate brain
Macaca leonina
43:10 Pig-tailed Macaque
47:25 forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain
49:00 Amphioxus

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