Nature - Born Wild: The First Days of Life (2009)

Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
2:15Surinam Toad carries young in back pouch 3:10Amarobias spiders eat unhatched eggs, then mother 3:55Cayman crocodile carries hatchling to water
4:55Ostrich chicks cared by both parents. Foster chicks can imprint on foster parents. 8:10Wood Stork (South America) sibling rivalry and infanticide. 9:20Emperor Penguins care for dead chick: emotion?
13:30Chameleons give birth to live young 14:25Platypus and Echidna young feed on milk 15:35Black Bears nurse young
17:15Mule Deer calling 18:35Wildebeest birthing in herd 19:50Hippo birthing in river
22:00Cape Fur Seals (South Africa) undefended pup taken by Brown Hyena 25:50California Mouse male cares for young, guided by hormones 27:10Musk Ox family defends against wolves
29:00Guanacos (Andes) gives birth, cared by herd 31:30Lioness keeps her cub away from pride for 6 weeks 35:40New male lion kills cubs
38:00Elephant gives birth as male tried to mate with female 40:50Ring-tailed lemur mother is torn between troop and dying baby. 43:40Vervet monkey special status, emotions?
46:00Chimps (East Africa) mother teaches baby to catch termites 47:20Orangutan gives solitary care   
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