NOVA scienceNOW: Episode 3 (2008)

Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
3:00Saving Hubble: 5th repair mission in Fall 2008 (paused after 2003 Columbia disaster). Repair ACS camera. 16:50First primates: 56MYA, after extinction of dinosaurs 22:30Plesiadapiform fossils: nail, skull CAT scan shows tube
27:20Dryomomys transitional between tree shrews and early primates; 29:00Grasping hands co-evolved with flowering/fruiting plants 30:006 primate characteristics: opposable thumbs, reduced litter size, color vision, expanded cerebral cortex, greater facial mobility and vocal repertoire, one pair of mammae in the chest.
31:00Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa: treat brain cancer. Neural stem cells 41:35Killer microbe Baumannii (Iraqibacter) resistant to drugs, infected Bob Woodruff. 45:45Genome is multiply resistant via horizontal transfer - Legionella pneumophila
47:00Mutanized bacteria fed to round worms      
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