NOVA scienceNOW: Episode 2 Personal DNA testing (2008)

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500 NOV Ep. 2
3:00Navigenics $2500 (GATTACA movie) to determine risks for genetic disease 5:40spit to collect saliva 7:00 SNPs reveal individual variations detected by
8:00 gene chip 9:30 Alzheimer recessive gene APOE4 not a reliable predictor: James Watson does not want to know 15:30Digital art authentication, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
28:40Capturing carbon to fight global warming, using synthetic leaf 31:45Fish pump: CO2 neutralized by NaOH, but CO2 in air is very dilute 39:10CO2 sequestration in serpentine rock (under Columbia University alma mater)
40:501 human breathes out 476 pounds CO2/year, need 7 trees to absorb 42:20Pardis Sabeti, natural selection in human genome: 80% European adults can drink cow milk   
7:00 SNPs
8:00 gene chip
9:30 Alzheimer recessive gene APOE4
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