NOVA: The Universe Within (1992)

NOVA takes viewers on an incredible voyage into the microworld of the human body to explore The Universe Within. Breathtaking sports photography captures amazing athletes in actionóbut the real action happens inside, revealed by microphotography that is in the style of NOVA's classic documentary of human development, The Miracle of Life. The program covers three incredible team efforts: the coordination of muscles, bones, heart and circulatory system that makes Mike Powell the world's greatest long jumper; the digestive dynamo that turns a simple sandwich eaten by five-time Olympic gold medalist Bonnie Blair into raw energy for a blistering sprint down the ice; and the ultimate eventóthe development of a new human life inside track star Karen Hatchett.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
Very brief overviews of human anatomy
05:00- 6:30 bones 08:00- 9:30 muscles 10:00- 14:35 heart
16:00- 17:20 brain, nerves 22:20- 24:30 digestion: stomach 25:35- 29:30 digestion: intestines
30:35- 35:25 liver 36:00- 38:00 alcohol detoxification 41:00- 50:20 oogenesis, spermatogenesis
52:05- 59:15 embryogenesis      
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