NOVA: First Flower (2007)

Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
3:00Sun Ge >100-million year old fossil in Beipiao, China 5:00David Dilcher University of Florida 7:00Yin Kaipu, Dan Hinkley, Hengduan Mountains
10:00 Lilium lophophorum 10:40 Edelweiss 12:00 Tibetan Slipper Orchid
16:00 Archaefructus in Jurassic rock 17:30Flowers all about sex 19:00pollen tube -> seeds in fruit
21:50 Mandrake 24:00British plant explorer Ernest H. Wilson 25:00 Regal Lily
28:30Gentian collected by Darwin (Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew): "abominable mystery" how flowering plants evolved fully formed. 31:30Else Marie Friis (Swedish Museum of Natural History) Archaefructus adapted to live in water 33:00Ancient flowers in sediments; 150 million years old
34:30PETER CRANE (University of Chicago) 36:00Leo Hickey (Yale University) studies leave veins 37:40Pollen grains under electron microscope in Cretaceuous (134 MYA).
39:00Archaefructus dated to 124 MYA by C dating 41:00> 500 species of Rhododendron in China: smaller leaves adapted to high altitude 43:30DNA anaylsis (Doug and Pam Soltis of the University of Florida)
46:30MARK CHASE: Lotus related to Londom Plane 47:00ANDREW DARRAGH (Horticulturist, Kew Gardens) 47:45 Amborella at bottom of the family tree of living flowering plants, found in New Caledonia
10:00 Lilium lophophorum
10:40 Edelweiss
12:00 Tibetan Slipper Orchid
16:00 Archaefructus
21:50 Mandrake
25:00 Regal Lily
47:45 Amborella
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