Lily Films - The future of food (2004)

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3:00Disc 1 Irish potato famine mid-1800's; Peru suffered fewer consequences. 2:30Only 4 varieties of potato widely grown today; 97% vegetable varieties extinct 4:10Monsanto Roundup; 1990's Roundup Ready
5:20BT corn 6:001978 Patent for oil-eating microbe. 8:301995 Pesticide industry bought seed industry
9:55Canola (rape seed) farmer Percy Schmeiser sued 25:40Flounder gene into tomato for cold resistance 26:00Roundup Ready corn: soil bacterium gene recombined into E. coli DNA, into corn, using tumor bacteria as vector
27:20 Stream of electricity to create holes for DNA infiltration 27:35 Gene gun shoots DNA-coated gold 27:55 Promoter gene from Cauliflower Mosaic Virus
28:30 Antibiotic marker gene 30:00 Flavr Savr tomato by Calgene approved May 1994, did not ship well or sell well 30:45 StarLink GM corn found in taco shells - allergic reaction 2001
34:00 GMOs considered to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) 34:25 GNOs found in corn syrup and soy lecithin; 2002 Measure 27 on GMO labelling defeated in Oregon 36:15EU requires labelling
40:10Super weeds become Roundup-resistant 2003 mare's tail spread into 21 states; farmers have to use 2,4-D 42:00Revolving door of regulators/Monsanto employees 46:00Diversity of corn in Mexico; contaminated by GM seeds
57:00Government agricultural subsidies $20 billion 1:05:00Monarch caterpillars affected by BT corn pollen 1:13:45Suicide gene (terminator gene)
3:00Disc 2      
27:20 Stream of electricity
27:35 Gene gun
27:55 Promoter gene
28:30 Antibiotic marker gene
30:00 Flavr Savr tomato
30:45 StarLink
34:00 GMOs considered to be GRAS
34:25 GNOs found in corn syrup
40:10 Roundup-resistant
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