IMAX The Secret of Life On Earth

THE SECRET OF LIFE ON EARTH begins where life apparently began three-and-a-half billion years ago. As if peering into a time capsule, we witness some of the key developments in plants that made possible the web of life - since evolved and now endangered. Brilliant use of micro, macro and time-lapse photography delivers stunning close-ups of special relationships between plants and animals: barnacles feeding, microscopic plankton, tiny grasses flowering, and pollinators at work. The interdependence between plants and animals is portrayed as an unwritten "green" contract.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
Good overview of the web of life on earth. The "mosquitos" attracted to the Arum should be flies.
4:50Barnacles feed in oxygenated water 6:15Roots penetrating soil 6:35 Fern fiddleheads unfolding
7:10First forests 7:55Insects molting 9:00Cycads had swimming sex cells
9:20Conifers have pollen and produce seeds 11:00Flowering Plants 12:40Arum fetid odor attracts mosquitos (or flies?)
13:50Rainbow Lorikeet feeds on flowers and pollinates them 14:00 Honey Possum visits Banksia Flowers at night (Australia) 15:00 Flower Mantid
16:15 Sundew traps bee 16:50 Venus Flytrap 19:15Howler Monkeys in tropical rainforest
21:05Red-eyed Treefrog? 22:35Flying Fox Fruit Bat feeds on fig fruit and disperses seeds 24:30Grasses grow from base, can be grazed by Bison
25:30Grasses flowering, pollen carried by wind 27:00Fossil fuels: oil, coal 29:05Fire
30:30Burning fossil fuels: greenhouse effect 34:20Periwinkle: drug used to treat leukemia (Madagascar)   
6:35 Fern fiddleheads
14:00 Honey Possum
15:00 Flower Mantid
16:15 Sundew traps bee
16:50 Venus Flytrap
22:35 Fruit Bat
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