IMAX - Bugs! A Rainforest Experience (2007)

Using special cameras to boost these creepy crawlers to over 250,000 times their normal size, BUGS! is a groundbreaking IMAX film that lets viewers see the world from a bug's perspective. And what a strange world it is! Blades of grass tower into the sky, and raindrops plummet like bombs! This entertaining and awe-inspiring film is sure to delight young and old viewers alike, as it follows the intricate, sometimes brutal lives of these mesmerizing creatures.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.5 stars
Borneo rainforest
1:00Papilio caterpillar hatches, eats egg case 3:20Millipedes 4:00Hierodula praying mantis
5:00Papilio eats egg case 6:30Dragonhead katydid 8:40Papilio eyespots look like snake: mimicry
9:00Hierodula praying mantis hunts fly 11:15Weevil feeds on banana 11:50Aphids feed on rosebud
12:00Leaf cutter ants 16:10Rhinoceros beetles fight 20:00Lizard hunts cricket
21:30Papilio pupates 22:20Orchid mantis? 23:00Treehoppers? Mantis
23:30Trilobite beetle (camouflaged like bark?) 23:40Ladybird lover katydid 24:20Walking stick
24:40Papilio emerges from pupa, then mate 29:20Bats 31:00Mantis mating
31:10Papilio will lay eggs on citrus leaves 34:30Mantis catches Papilio 37:00Papilio egg hatches
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