IMAX - Amazing Journeys (2002)

Like most IMAX films, this one has panoramic scenes that should be breathtaking in a big theater, but is light on educational content. The stories include Monarchs, the obligatory stranded baby Grey whale, and wildebeests and zebras; these stories are familiar to most 5th graders, and this film offers little more to our knowledge of these amazing journeys. You have to listen to the director's commentary in the bonus features (delivered in a boring monotone) to learn some details.
Peter's DVD rating: 2.5 stars
1:20Monarch butterflies 7:00Bitds 12:25Grey whales
19:50 Christmas Island Red Crabs 100 million 26:00Wildebeests amd zebras 31:20Humans (Maasai)
19:50 Christmas Island Red Crabs
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