Human Relations Media - Viruses: The deadly enemy (2007)

Peter's DVD rating: 2.5 stars
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1:20Antony van Leeuwenhoek saw bacteria from decayed tooth 3:40Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Adenovirus, Ebola, Bacteriophages structure: genetic material, capsid, envelope 5:30Viruses not living?
7:10Bacteriophage life cycle: lysis 8:00Enter by endocytosis 8:40HIV budding, acquire envelope
9:00Lysogeny 10:20Antigen-antibody 11:30Herpes simplex I, cold sores, nerve cells in saliva, hidden for life
14:40HIV origin in African rain forest? 15:25T cells; retrovirus, inserted into DNA, bud from T cell, destroyed 17:30Polio: fogged with DDT, vaccine of dead viruses
18:30Smallpox eradicated 1977 19:00Flu virus 20:00Cancer: suppressor genes
20:40Adenovirus is a DNA tumor virus, integration can neutralize suppressor genes      
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