HHMI - AIDS: evolution of an epidemic (2008)

Peter's DVD rating: 2.5 stars
RC607.A26 A3454
0:00Disc 1 Animations/life cycle: Infect T helper cells 1:40Reverse transcriptase makes errors, poor proof-reading activity 2:10Integrase inserts DNA into host chromosome
4:10After budding, polyprotein chain needs to be digested into component parts by protease 0:30Animations/AZT blocks reverse transcriptase: AZT similar to Thymidine; DNA chain cannot be extended 1:25Mutant does not bind AZT
0:40Animations/protease inhibitor: Ritonavir binds to active site of protease 0:55Disc 2 Short video/Origins: HTLV related to Bovine Leukemia Virus; not a lenty virus 1:40SIV immunodeficiency in captive macaques, but no disease in wild
2:30Sooty mangabey source of HIV 2 3:00Chimpanzee virus is a mosaic of viruses that infect prey species (Red-capped mangabey) - a recombinant virus 4:20Group M Chimpanzee virus causes AIDS, but group N and O not infectious
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