Films for the Humanities & Sciences - Health News and Interviews: Genetics Video Clips (2007)

Peter's DVD rating: 2.5 stars
QH431 .H435 These short snippets provide poorly-explained sound bytes of new developments in genetics. Rethinking the Rotting Y Chromosome
0:10Junk DNA: human and mice share many genes 1:40Living Longer: genes? Elixir Pharmaceutical 3:25Secrets of the Y Chromosome: "a genetic hall of mirrors": palindromes allow self-repair by cross-over: gene conversion in MSY
5:10Tiny Genes, Big Role: micro RNA can turn off genes in roundworms (RNA interference): medicines to silence disease genes? 7:00Genome ABCs: "junk DNA" in human genome? 10:00Custom Cures: individualized medicines for disease genes; humans 5 times more closely related than chimps to each other
13:05SIDs Test: serotonin triggers gasping 14:40Blame Your Mother: folic acid - mice are brown & thin, not yellow &n obese: epigenetic inheritance 16:40Mom's Genes: affect prenatal & early environment
18:20Exercise Gene: gene tells mitochondria to burn fat calories 20:40Dying To Be Thin: anorexia nervosa genes 21:50Maternal Separation: mother love in early childhood affect drug addiction (dopamine)
23:20Models of Health: low calorie diet leads to longer life in mice 24:50Age Accelerator: fast-aging mice: mutant gene in mitochondria 26:20Redefining Race: proportional ancestry for drugs
28:10Ethnic Drug: heart failure drug in African Americans 30:40Egg Regs: money for donated eggs 32:30Sex Cells: cells from male sibling transplanted to female embryo
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