Discovery Superswarms (2008)

Peter's DVD rating: 3 stars
Part 1

Part 2

1:00Killer Bees 5:30Locusts in flight 9:20House mouse in Australia
13:10Mayflies use moon to navigate, emerge on Fourth of July 18:45Starlings in Rome, loudspeakers emitting alarm calls 25:00Periodic cicadas in Cincinnati on Memorial Day (2008)
32:15Cuban land crabs migrate to sea, triggered by spring rain 35:15Driver ants in East Africa attack scorpion, May 2008 40:00Midges courtship flights over Lake Victoria once a month, caught in frying pans for fly burgers
45:00Quelea weaver birds eat grass seeds in Africa, nests are fire-bombed 50:20Silver carp in Mississippi jump when alarmed by pressure waves, August 2008 54:40Honeybees attracted to Queen bee pheromone on professor
1:00Mexican Free-tail Bats under Congress Bridge, Austin Texas; Peregrine Falcon and Red-tailed Hawk 3:0040 million bats in Bracken Cave 6:00Lateral lines on vortex fish; divided by sailfish
9:10Brine flies in Mono Lake, California; larvae eat algae; chased by Californian gulls. These flies can learn 12:50Yellow-legged gulls chase starlings which act like fish shoals in Rome; Peregrine Falcon has better chance. Each starling tracks 7 neighbors. 16:00Horseshoe Crabs spawn in May, Delaware Bay; Red Knots and other sandpipers shorebirds.
20:10Wildebeest migrate in east Africa, joined by zebras, cross river infested by Crocodiles 26:50Red-billed Quelea drinking, Lanark Falcon spotted by lookouts; flock feeds in waves 32:20Midges emerge in Lake Victoria every month; Males fight with antennae; male columns lure females in
35:45Driver ants move, carrying eggs, larvae and pupae; queen lays 2M eggs per month 44:20Honeybees communicate via pheromones and waggle dance to find spot for nest 50:10Fire Ants arrive from Brazil to US; attracted to electricity, cause short circuits in electronic equipment
52:20Flooded nest cause Fire ants to move, forming floating life rafts; builds pontoon to reach new bank 57:20Salps form chains; eat algae - removing 4K pound of carbon a night   
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