Discovery Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Genetics (2005)

Peter's DVD rating: 2.5 stars
576 .5 GRE (551 MIR)
2:00Mendel (Austria, now Czech Republic) 6:30Morgan: Drosophila 9:40George Beadle/Edward Tatum: Neirospora Crassa (bread mold) gene -> enzyme
12:00Barbara McClintock: maize kernels: color due to break in chromosome from transposons: genes can be on different loci 17:00Hershey/Chase bacteriophage transformation: DNA is genetic material 19:00Watson and Crick DNA double helix model
24:00RNA 26:00Genetic code triplets 29:30Restriction enzymes
32:30Alternative splicing 33:00Minisatellite DNA 36:50RNA Interference
39:30Human Genome: 26K genes      
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