Discovery America's Prairie: where the sky began (2001)

Peter's DVD rating: 3.5 stars
QH541.5.P7 A647
0:00Grass roots - soil organisms, decompose - prairie soil. 1:50grasshoppers mating 2:30fire
3:30Thirteen-lined squirrel burrows - Pauline Drobney 5:30Plants resprout 6:0065 MYA North America was forested; tectonic Sierra Nevadas/Rockies (Laramide orogeny)
7:3030 inches rain tallgrass 7:3718 KYA ice -> prairie earth 9:45Big 4 grasses: Big & little Blue, Indian Grass, Switch Grass, Prairie Cordgrass
11:00Tiger Salamander eats earthworm 11:50Greater Prairie Chicken mating ritual 12:30Prairie Vole
13:00Dabblers 12:30Prairie Vole 14:00Bison 60 million
15:20wallow 15:50Grasshopper mandibles move side to side 16:30Orb (Argiope) Spider eats grasshopper
17:00Seven-spotted Lady Beetle eats aphids 17:50Dragonflies 18:10male Widow Skimmer
19:10Monarch shunned by birds, each female 400 eggs 22:45Dickcissel nest raided by Prairie Kingsnake 24:45Ring-necked Snake victim of Loggerhead Shrike impales on locust tree
25:50Mother shrike cleans up chick poop 26:00Prairie Skink protects 21 eggs 27:40Collared Lizard
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