BBC The Power of Genes (2002)

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QH431 .T474 2002
8:00Albinism caused by recessive allele for melanin 10:50Human genome 40K genes? 12:40Controller genes
14:10Hairy gene 17:10Atavism: throw back to earlier characteristic 18:20Cream for hair growth, also for hypertrichosis; turn gene on/off?
23:00Y chromosome of Europeans can trace ancestry 26:00East Africa: 100K YA - Adam ancestor of humans? 27:00East African humans have more genetic variation - oldest population
30:30Harriet Galapagos Tortoise was 5 years old when she met Darwin 41:00London taxi drivers have better memory - learned? 42:5550% Asians low alcohol tolerance - enzyme detoxifies alcohol (alcohol dehydrogenase)?
45:00Europeans sterilized water with alcohol, Asians with tea 47:45Antabuse blocks enzyme 50:00Kenya Kalenjin runners
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