BBC Planet Earth Disc 4: Ocean Deep (2006)

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Peter's DVD rating: 4 stars
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1:30 Whale Shark feeds on plankton; baitfishn swim around it (off Venezuela) 2:55 Yellowfin Tuna joins hunt 5:40 Oceanic Whitetip Shark patrols top 100 meters; detect by taste
6:20 Pilot Fish follows shark to collect scraps 6:50 Rainbow Runners 7:20 Common Dolphin work as group to catch
9:00 Scad Mackerel (Azores west of Portugal) 9:30 Cory's Shearwater diving at baitball 13:00 Manta Ray
15:00Marine snow food for 15:20 Sea Spider 15:55 Sawtooth Eel stays upright
16:50 Dumbo Octopus 17:40 Vampire Squid has bioluminescent bacteria 20:00 Sea Urchin and
20:25 Shrimp graze marine snow 20:35 Monkfish angling for prey with lure 21:55 Giant Isopod (marine wood louse)
23:20 Japanese Spider Crab picks at sperm whale carcass 25:00 Hydrothermal vent shrimp (Atlantic) 25:45 Squat Lobster graze bacteria (Dragon chimneys, western Pacific bordering Japan)
27:20 Giant Tube Worms dead after nine months when volcanic energy is diverted (Nine North, east Pacific near Galapagos) 31:20 Chambered Nautilus travels shell first, small sensitive tentacles 33:50 Pacific Spotted Dolphin hunt squid
35:50 Ocean sunfish cleaned by 36:35 Butterflyfish 37:30 Ascension Frigatebird nests on Boatswain Bird Island - only colony in Atlantic (near Ascension Island 800 miles from any other land)
38:25 Masked Booby 38:50 Green Turtle travles 1000 miles from feedsing grounds to lay eggs; many hatchlings drown in pounding waves 42:00 Indo-Pacific Sailfish 3 meters long hunt baitfish, joined by seabirds (100 miles off Mexicao coast)
45:00 Blue Whale biggest animal that ever existed, nearly 200 tons; we do not know where they breed, feeds on krill      
Rhincodon typus
1:30 Whale Shark
Thunnus albacares
2:55 Yellowfin Tuna
Carcharhinus longimanus
5:40 Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Naucrates ductor
6:20 Pilot Fish
Elagatis bipinnulata
6:50 Rainbow Runners
Delphinus delphis
7:20 Common Dolphin
Decapterus macarellus
9:00 Scad Mackerel
Calonectris diomedea
9:30 Cory's Shearwater
Manta birostris
13:00 Manta Ray
15:20 Sea Spider
15:55 Sawtooth Eel
16:50 Dumbo Octopus
Vampyroteuthis infernalis
17:40 Vampire Squid
20:00 Sea Urchin
20:25 Shrimp
20:35 Monkfish
21:55 Giant Isopod (marine wood louse)
Macrocheira kaempferi
23:20 Japanese Spider Crab
25:00 Hydrothermal vent shrimp
25:45 Squat Lobster
Riftia pachyptila
27:20 Giant Tube Worms
Nautilus pompilius
31:20 Chambered Nautilus
Stenella attenuata
33:50 Pacific Spotted Dolphin
Mola mola
35:50 Ocean sunfish
36:35 Butterflyfish
Fregata aquila
37:30 Ascension Frigatebird
Sula dactylatra
38:25 Masked Booby
Chelonia mydas
38:50 Green Turtle
Istiophorus platypterus
42:00 Indo-Pacific Sailfish
Balaenoptera musculus
45:00 Blue Whale
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