BBC Planet Earth Disc 2: Ice Worlds (2006)

Peter's DVD rating: 4 stars
2:38Adelie Penguins (Antarctica) 3:52Chinstrap Penguins breed on shore 5:13Snow Petrels fly around nunataks
6:30South Polar Skua prey on Petrels 8:44Humpback Whales harvest krill (Antartic Pennisula) 11:15Emperor Penguins pair bond
13:30Male emperor incubates egg 16:20Eider Ducks feed on mussles (Arctic) 19:35Musk Oxen dDigg for food
19:56Ptarmigan graze on vegetation that Oxen have uncovered 20:18Arctic Fox scavenge on oxen calf 21:41Arctic Wolves prey on oxen calf
22:58Polar Bear Cubs emerge from den 27:26Auks lay eggs 28:40Sandhill Cranes helping young
29:14Arctic Fox brings dinner for family 29:48Arctic Skua feeding on vegetation 30:29Male polar bear swimming, searching for food
33:35Walruses nurse young 39:56Male Emperor Penguins protect eggs (Antarctica) 41:01Baby Penguins
42:05Female Penguins return with food 43:00Orphan adopted by females, but trampled 46:37Polar Bear cubs wean from mother (Arctic)
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