BBC Planet Earth Disc 2: Deserts (2006)

Peter's DVD rating: 4 stars
2:39Wild Bactrian Camels eat snow (Gobi Desert) 7:18Dromedaries walk through sand storm (Sahara Desert, Africa) 12:12Red Kangaroos stay cool (Australia)
16:02Fennec Fox 17:06Toadsjump away from Fennec fox 18:23Guanacos eat shrubs (Atacama, Chile)
23:13Saguaro soaks up rainfall (Sonoran Desert, Arizona) 23:45Gila Woodpecker makes home in saguaro 24:27Long-nosed and Long-tongued Bats drink nectar from saguaro flower
27:49Nubian Ibex fight (Utah) 31:15Flat Lizards eat flies (South Africa) 34:46Elephants walking (Namibia, Africa)
36:32Lions searching for food 37:40Oryx cross sand dunes to avoid lions 39:53Elephants eating
42:27Oryx cross back over dunes 42:40Lions eat Oryx 44:49Desert Locusts
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