BBC Planet Earth Disc 2: Caves (2006)

Peter's DVD rating: 4 stars
4:24Cave Glow Worm Trap prey in silk strands (New Zealand) 11:11Wrinkle Tipped Bats hanging (Deer Cave, Bomeo) 12:14Cockroaches Crawling on mound of bat droppings (Deer Cave, Borneo)
13:38Cave Centipedes Eat cockroaches 13:50Crabs Sift through bat droppings 15:22Rufous Bellied Eagle preys on bats
15:44Peregrine Falcon preys on bats 15:44Bat Hawks preys on bats 17:35Cave Swiftlets build nests of saliva
29:31Remipede swimming (Yucatan Pennisula, Mexico) 30:44Demoiselle Fish return to sea caves (Poor Knights Island, New Zealand) 31:12Big Eyes leaves cave to feed
34:34Cave Angel Fish in waterfall (Thailand) 35:03Texas Cave Salamanders walking 35:21Belizean White Crab eating
38:20Bats in cave (Villa Luz Cave, Mexico) 39:07Cave Mollies swimming 39:37Snotties drip sulfric acid
40:28Midge larvae feed on snotties 46:57Extremophile Bacteria feeding off of rock (Lechuguilla, US)   
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