BBC Life of Birds Disc 3: Limits Of Endurance (2000)

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1:00Sand Grouse drink from puddle and males carry water in breast feathers to young Desert 5:10Coarser (related to plover) nests in burned earth 6:00Crabbed Plovers nests in burrow in hot sand (Persian Gulf)
7:30Flamingoes feed in crustaceans and algae in volcanic springs loaded with soda, nest on mounds (African Rift Valley) 9:40Gulls scavenge on polar bear kill (Arctic) 11:00Speckled Eider Duck scavenge on lake bottom, migrate to floating Arctic sea ice in winter
12:30Emperor Penguin males incubate eggs Antarctic 14:20Oil Birds (related to nightjars) navigate by sounds to locate nest, feed on palms by night (Caribbe Cavern, Venezuela) 16:50Black? Vultures (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
19:05Waxwings feast on large blueberries (Florida) 20:20Crows drop nuts on road, near pedestrian crossing, for cars to crush (Japan) 22:35Starlings fly in formation, roost in building (Glascow)
23:50Purple Martins nest in oil refinery (Brazil) 25:20migrate to US "apartment" in March, totally dependent on human housing (Pennsylvania) 28:00Hummingbird feeders Black-chinned Rufous (Arizona)
29:40Little Penguins fish for pilchards and anchovies, return to burrows (Phillip Island, Australia) 32:20White Eyes Fantails Honeyeaters Pigeons (Pacific islands) 33:30Brown Tree Snake White Eyes, Flycatchers. Fantails are extinct, no birds (Guam)
34:40European Wasp feed on honeydew under bark, outcompete Kaka parrots (New Zealand) 36:10Houlia, Auk, Dodo extinct 37:00Passenger pigeons extinct
38:00Dicksissel roost on farms (Venezuela) 39:15Orange-bellied Parrot (Transylvania) 41:20Kestrel reared manually (Mauriitius)
42:30Mauriitian Pink Pigeon reared by Barbary Doves 44:10Mauriitian Echo Parakeet 44:50Banaman's Turaco (Cameroon)
47:00Whooping Crane captive breeding (Wisconsin, North America)      
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