BBC Life of Birds Disc 3: Problems Of Parenthood (2000)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.0 stars
1:00Brown Pelican (Florida) 2:25Lapland Bunting fledge in 12 days 3:10Dippers nests behind waterfall
4:25Gloomy Finches bright colored gapes for parents to find chicks (Australia) 5:50Zebra Finches 6:00Fartail Finches open mouth
5:20Rosela Parrots feed all chicks equally (Australia) 7:00Eldest shares food with youngest sibling 8:00Great Crested Grebes feed young with feathers to line stomach
9:15Open Built Stork bring water to shower chicks in crops and also shade them (Thailand) 10:50Coots chase off swan punish chick for begging; starves; raise 2 or 3 out of 9 14:00Pelican 3 chicks: older chicks push youngest sibling out of nest
16:10Cuckoo raids reed warbler nest and lays her own egg 17:40European Cuckoo chick kicks out warbler eggs, fed by warbler parent 19:00Brown Hooded Gulls nest paratized by Cuckoo Duck
20:00Cuckoo Duck chick leaves nest after 1 day 20:40Goldeneye young jump out of tree hole 22:00adult females fight for territory, abandoned ducklings joins winner female brood (British Columbia)
23:30Torrent Ducks nest in rocks abover river, ducklings jump into torrent (Andes) 28:10Geese nests near Snowy Owl nest, protected from foxes owls feed on lemmings; goslings must leave nest soon, parents chase away male owl (Arctic Tundra) 29:10Magpie geese polygynous male with 2 females in same nest protect chicks from sea eagle and from crocodiles (Australia)
32:151 million Sooty Terns chicks preyed by egrets; chicks in center are safer (Seyshelles) 34:20Landed Stilts in salty water (Australian desert) 35:05Widewing Chufs? chick has big appetite, fed by 2 adult helpers
36:10Young helper at nest 36:40Raiders try to kidnap juvenile with display (Eucalyptus Woodland) 38:00Arabian Babblers social bathing. preen each other, collect food for chicks
40:20sentry looks out for viper (Middle East desert) 42:00Anhings young must learn to juggle fish by itself 42:45Gannet must learn to fly and dive and avoid fur seals in water
46:00Open Build Sotks exercise wings 48:30Young hummingbird 48:40Snowy Owl chick learns to fly
47:30Brown Pelican chick survivor joins colony      
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