BBC Life of Birds Disc 3: Demands Of The Egg (2000)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.0 stars
2:00Sooty Terns lays eggs on ground, equally spaced (Seychelles) 2:50Fairy Tern lays eggs on branch 4:30Swiftlets nest in palm tree
6:00Great Dusky Swifts nest behind waterfall Iguazu Falls (between Argentina & Brazil) 7:50Parrots nest on cliff (Argentina) 9:00Sand Martens use claws to dig holes in cliff
9:30Woodpecker digs in ants nest. 9:50Indian Hornbill uses existing holes and nests, male feeds female 12:00Frigatebird steals nesting material from Boobies in midair
14:45Geese line nest with own feathers 15:00Tree swallows collect feathers 16:40Golden-headed Sistickler? stitches leaves with spiders web (Australia)
17:50Citella nest of insect ccccoons covered with lichen or bark 19:10Apostle bird uses mud mixed with grass 20:20Sociable Weavers make huge communal nest of straw in desert (Namibia)
22:40Frigatebirds mating; 23:40Avocet egg fertilized and wrapped by albumin, then shell added 25:00Golden plover spotted eggs
25:30Kiwi lays one gigantic egg (largest in world) in burrow 26:30Blue Tit lays many tiny eggs 27:10Red breasted Toucan raids long Kaseek nests
28:00Topo Toucan has even longer beak 29:20Kurowon raids nest (Australia) 30:00Yellow-rumped Thornbird has many entrances to nest (Australia)
30:50Wren builds nest near hornet's nest raided by Kowa? (Costa Rica) 32:20Plover nests on ground broken wing display (Patagonia) 34:35Malio lays eggs in warm beach sand (Indonesia)
35:50Snowy Owl naked brood pouch keeps eggs warm, fed by male 37:15Canvasback Duck nest parasite on another female (north America) 38:50Redhead also lays egg in Canvasback clutch
40:50Raccoon steals eggs at night 41:50Cuckoo eggs in Australian Fantail 40:00Cowbird eggs in Gnatcatcher; which destroy their own nest
44:30Lesser Masked Weavers make narrow entrance tubes to prevent Deeder Cuckoos (Africa) 46:40Masked Weaver are larger, lay different colored eggs to defend against Cuckoos 49:00Pied Imperial Pigeon (Australia)
1:00:30Guillemots nest in cliffs 51:00Sooty Terns crowded nesting 52:00Kingfisher chisels nests in hole in tree
52:40Crested Bellbird uses hairy caterpillar to prevent mammals (Australia)      
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