BBC Life In The Undergrowth Disc 2: Super Societies (2005)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.5 stars
50:00Leaf Cutter Ants 50:40Termite mounds (Australia) 51:10Wasp stores caterpillar in nest (Arizona)
53:10 Paper Wasp builds paper nest and hunts (Panama) 56:40 Bumblebee queen nests in ground; builds hive of wax 1:01:00Queen eggs workers' eggs
1:02:20Honey Bees nest in trees 1:02:50 Giant Asiatic Bees produces waves as warning 1:05:50 Death's-head Hawkmoth steals honey at night
1:07:00 Wood Ants build underground nests (Alps) 1:09:00Expel formic acid as defense 1:10:00Honeydew
1:12:00Winged adults mate 1:14:00Ants nest in mangrove mud (Australia) 1:17:40Harvester Ant``s collect seed in desert (Arizona)
1:19:00Night Ant``s trap harvesters, leaving seeds for night ants 1:21:10Army Ant``s march to new bivouc (South America) 1:27:00Termites build north-south mounds bt Magnetism
1:30:00Termite nests underground, ventilated through porous chmineys (South Africa) 1:32:10Queen lays eggs 1:33:00 Matabele Ants attack termite colony
53:10 Paper Wasp
56:40 Bumblebee
1:02:50 Giant Asiatic Bees
1:05:50 Death's-head Hawkmoth
1:07:00 Wood Ants
1:33:00 Matabele Ants
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