BBC Life In The Undergrowth Disc 1: The Silk Spinners (2005)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.5 stars
1:39:20Fungus gnat larva use light and silk to catch 1:43:45Mayflies (Waitomo, New Zealand) 1:44:20Lacewing female suspends eggs by silk
1:46:45Web spinner hides under silk tent spun from legs (Trinidad) 1:49:50Trapdoor spider has segmented plated on back (Rainforest) 1:52:00Orb webs
1:58:00Argyrodes steals a fly from Nephila, Golden orb weaver 2:01:30Triangle Spider Hyptiotes cavatus 2:03:20Gladiator Spider Dinopis uses fuzzy silk to trap bush cricket
2:05:20Redback Spider (Australia) 2:08:20Bolus Spider (North America) uses pheromone to attract moths 2:11:30social spiders catch
2:14:25Argiope mating 2:17:20Wolf spiders mating and laying eggs 2:25:00Babay spiders ballooon
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