BBC Life In The Undergrowth Disc 1: Taking To The Air (2005)

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Peter's DVD rating: 4.5 stars
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00:35 Tisza Mayfly molt twice after 2 years in water, live half an hour, mate in swarms (Hungary) 04:40 Dragonfly emerges 09:50 Dragonfly can beat its 2 pairs of wings independently
10:45Damselflies mating ritual 11:00 Damselflies form mating wheel 15:00 Cascade Damselfly mates in cascade (South America)
17:00 Giant Helicopter Damselfly female lays eggs in bark hollow (Central America) 18:40 Cabbage White Butterfly can lay eggs on leaves, flap wings as single pair 20:15Damaged cabbage attracts parasitoid Cotesia Wasp
21:50Cabbage White caterpillar pupates, hanging from twig by silk loop; 22:10Parasitoid Cotesia Wasp grubs emerge from infected caterpillars and pupate 24:20 Crow Butterfly basks after migrating from north
25:50 Blue Tiger Butterfly (south Taiwan) 26:00Butterfly mouth parts: tube of resilin; scales 28:15 Lantern bug sucks tree sap and expels honeydew
29:00 Moth sips honeydew 29:40 Hummingbird Hawk Moth (south France) hovers over Buddleia bush (introduced from China) 31:00 Bee Hawk Moth is heavier and sometimes use legs
32:00 Carpenter Bee has two pairs of wings hooked together 32:20 Bumblebee queen warms up by shivering without moving wings in early spring; forages in daffodils 34:30 Fly has lost rear pair of wings
34:40 Cranefly uses halteres to control flight 35:10Flies can land upside-down 35:45 Long-legged Fly uses wings for courtship
36:00 Dance Fly courtship dance 37:00 Hoverfly hovers for females; 37:30 Helophilus Hoverfly laps nectar; chases pea shooter
40:15300,000 species of beetles 40:25 Weevil keeps cover wings permanently closed; push flight wings from slits 40:40 Lady Beetle lifts wing covers
41:05 Blister Beetle flies, then folds wings carefully 41:40 Titan Beetle has to launch from trees to fly (Amazon) 42:50 Periodical Cicadas emerge after 17 years, molt
46:00Males sing, females click 47:20 Periodical Cicadas mate   
Palingenia longicauda
00:35 Tisza Mayfly
04:40 Dragonfly emerges
09:50 Dragonfly
11:00 Damselflies form mating wheel
Cascade Damselfly
15:00 Cascade Damselfly
Megaloprepus caerulatus
17:00 Giant Helicopter Damselfly
Pieris rapae
18:40 Cabbage White Butterfly
Cotesia congregata
20:15 Cotesia Wasp
Euploea eunice hobsoni
24:20 Crow Butterfly
Tirumala limniace
25:50 Blue Tiger Butterfly
28:15 Lantern bug
29:00 Moth sips honeydew
Macroglossum stellatarum
29:40 Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Hemaris fuciformis
31:00 Bee Hawk Moth
32:00 Carpenter Bee
32:20 Bumblebee queen
34:30 Fly
34:40 Cranefly
35:45 Long-legged Fly
36:00 Dance Fly
37:00 Hoverfly
37:30 Helophilus Hoverfly
40:25 Weevil
40:40 Lady Beetle
41:05 Blister Beetle
Titanus giganteus
41:40 Titan Beetle
42:50 Periodical Cicadas
47:20 Periodical Cicadas mate

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