BBC Life In The Undergrowth Disc 1: Invasion Of The Land (2005)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.5 stars
02:16Ants milking aphids 02:45Mud dauber wasp 05:00Horseshoe crabs
07:30Millipedes 09:00Springtails 13:00Snails
15:30Velvet worm attacks cricket with glue 20:00Centipede hunts bats 23:00Hermaphrodite Leopard Slugs mating in midair
20:40Millipedes mating 24:40Springtail males compete 33:00Earthworms mating
33:20Gian Earthworm egg cocoons (Australia) 35:45Harvestman male guards nest 44:00Scorpions mating - watertight exoskeleton
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