BBC Life In Cold Blood 5: Armoured Giants (2008)

Peter's DVD rating: 4.0 stars
4:00Galápagos Tortoises mate 6:00Eastern Box Turtle shell has a hinged 'drawbridge'. 12:00Tortoises become aquatic Turtles
14:00Pig-nosed Turtle eggs need to be submerged before hatching: coincide with seasoncal rains. 18:00Male Green? Sea Turtles fight to mate with female 23:00Salt water Crocodiles ambush migrating mullet in river (northern Australia)
31:00American Alligators vibrating sound 34:00Female Broad-snouted Caiman can hear young to dig them out of nest; crush eggs in jaws to help them hatch (Argentina) 39:00Female Spectacled Caiman looks after many babies from different females (Venezuela)
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