BBC - Life Disc 4: Primates (2010)

Intelligence, adaptability and resourcefulness have enabled primates to thrive in an incredible diversity of habitats. Hamadryas baboons live in groups – and fight in armies -- on the hot plains of Ethiopia, while Japanese macaques, the most northerly dwelling primates, survive in extreme cold. Drab Phayre's leaf monkeys have bright orange babies; and the ring-tailed lemurs of Madagascar use their sense of smell for seduction. Primates have found extraordinary ways to improvise, especially when faced with challenges beyond their physical means. Clams are closed too tightly for Costa Rica’s white-faced capuchins to open with their hands and teeth, so these intelligent monkeys have learned to hammer them to weaken the clam's muscle.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.5 stars
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3:20 Hamadryas Baboon society made of dozens of harems; troops fight, raid females for harems (Awash National Park, southern Ethiopia) 8:10 Japanese Macaques (Snow Monkeys) forage for insect larvae under river rocks with opposable thumbs (Kamikochi Valley, Japanese Alps) 10:40 Japanese Macaques dominant family bathes in 41&
13:30 Western Lowland Gorilla troop headed by silverback, can consume 30 kg a day, including termites (Congo Basin) 17:10 Spectral Tarsier in strangler fig only totally carnivorous primate, huge eyes hunt at night (Sulawesi, Indonesia) 21:30 Lar Gibbon begins day with waves of song; couples sing duet? (Thailand)
22:45 Phayre's Leaf Monkey babies have bright orange fur 24:10 Ring-tailed Lemurs scent-mark; males use wrist pheromone to attract female (Madagascar) 27:55Sumatran Orangutan female cares for young 6-7 years, passes down expertise (rainforest of Sumatra)
32:30 Chacma Baboon feeds on shark eggs and mussels at low spring tide (every 2 weeks) to supplement plants (Cape Peninsula, Africa) 37:00 White-faced Capuchin hammers clams against tree limb until clam muscles tire (Costa Rica mangroves) 39:40 Tufted Capuchins use hammer stones to pound palm nuts (Brazil)
41:00 Chimpanzee uses twig as ant popsicle? palm frond as pestle to mash up palm heart, crack nut with stone (Bossou, Guinea)      
3:20 Hamadryas Baboon
8:10 Japanese Macaques
10:40 Japanese Macaques
13:30 Western Lowland Gorilla
17:10 Spectral Tarsier
21:30 Lar Gibbon
22:45 Phayre's Leaf Monkey
24:10 Ring-tailed Lemurs
27:55 Orangutan
32:30 Chacma Baboon
37:00 White-faced Capuchin
39:40 Tufted Capuchins
41:00 Chimpanzee
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