BBC - Life Disc 3: Hunters and Hunted (2010)

The ability to learn from past experiences and develop novel solutions to problems has allowed mammals to find prey and avoid being preyed upon in every environment on Earth. In this episode, a mother orca steals elephant seal pups from a nursery pool, teaching her calf a brand new form of predation. Stoats learn through play how to become deadly killers: When they grow up, unassuming rabbits many times larger than stoats pay a hefty price. Star-nosed moles hunt underwater by using bubbles to smell their prey; greater bulldog bats hunt fish by using echolocation to detect ripples in the water; and squirrels confound rattlesnakes by rubbing themselves in discarded snake skins.
Peter's DVD rating: 4.0 stars
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QH 501.L544 2010
1:303 Cheetah brothers fail to chase down zebra individually; hunt Ostrich together (Kenya) 6:25 Nubian Ibex comes down cliff to feed, hunted by Blanford's Fox (Dead Sea) 12:40 Greater Bulldog Bat (Fisherman Bat) catches fish at 40 miles per hour, honk to avoid collision (Belize rainforest, Central America)
15:40 Stoat young engage in play fight, chase rabbit 10 times its size (English countryside) 19:40 Common Bottlenose Dolphin forms mud-ring to catch leaping fish in mouth (Florida) 23:40 Brown Bear catch salmon in sea (Alaska)
26:50 Ethiopian Wolf pack splits up to hunt rats alone (roof of Africa) 31:50 Star-nosed Mole nostrils surrounded by 22 fingers to sense by touch and detect prey underwater by bubbles 34:30 Chital Deer and Langur Monkeys sense danger, escape from Bengal Tiger (Bandhavgarh, India)
38:29 California Ground Squirrel chews snake skin and rubs paste into tail to stink of snake, waves her tail at 39:20 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake 41:30 Killer Whale female hunts young Southern Elephant Seal in shallow water, passing skill to calf (Falkland Islands)
1:30 Cheetah brothers
1:30 Ostrich
6:25 Nubian Ibex
6:25 Blanford's Fox
12:40 Greater Bulldog Bat
15:40 Stoat
19:40 Common Bottlenose Dolphin
23:40 Brown Bear
26:50 Ethiopian Wolf
31:50 Star-nosed Mole
34:30 Chital Deer
34:30 Langur Monkeys
34:30 Bengal Tiger
38:29 California Ground Squirrel
39:20 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
41:30 Killer Whale female
41:30 Southern Elephant Seal
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