BBC - Life Disc 1: Fish (2010)

Fish are the most varied and diverse backboned creatures on the planet. They range from pregnant males to fish that fly, to those that have a top speed faster than a cheetah -- sailfish. In this episode, the brightly colored weedy sea dragon’s unusual mating and parenting methods are revealed, as is the peculiar convict fish, which shares its network of tunnels with thousands of offspring, who do the reclusive parents’ bidding. In Hawaii, gobies climb waterfalls – some more than 400 feet high – using a specialized disc that enables them to stick to vertical rocks. The sarcastic fringehead fiercely defends its territory from octopi and rival fringefish. And Japanese mudskippers spend many of their waking hours out of water – feeding, leaping and fighting for the attentions of the opposite sex.
Peter's DVD rating: 4 stars
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QH 501.L544 2010
1:00 Atlantic Sailfish are fastest, attack sardine ball (Mexico) 4:00 Flying Fish mass spawning in floating palm frond, which sinks with dead fish entombed 8:50 Weedy Seadrogon courtship dance (South Australia)
11:00 Weedy Seadrogon male carries eggs 13:00 Convict fish thousands of juveniles help dig burrow, feed on plankton (Southwestern Pacific) 16:20 Sarcastic Fringeheads fight for territory of old shell (California coast)
19:30 Mudskipper dances for mate, digs tunnel by spitting (Japan) 25:10 Nopoli Rockclimbing Goby climbs waterfall (Hawaii) 29:00 Barbel fish cleans Hippopotamus (Kenya)
33:00 Big-eye Jack cleaned by wrasses, also by rubbing against 33:45 Silver-tipped Shark (California) 35:50 Ocellaris Clownfish pair lay eggs on rock close to Sea Anemone;; male cleans eggs, judged by female
39:10 Anchovy school evades Sea Lions 41:10Hundreds of Ragged-tooth Sharks detect electrical signals; feed on Sardines trapped in shallow water (South Africa) 43:30Tens of thousands of Cubera, Dog, and Mutton Snappers migrate and form mega-schools. Females lead in spawning at night? (Belize)
45:50 Whale Shark feeds on snapper eggs      
1:00 Atlantic Sailfish
4:00 Flying Fish
8:50 Weedy Seadrogon courtship dance
11:00 Weedy Seadrogon male
13:00 Convict fish
16:20 Sarcastic Fringeheads
19:30 Mudskipper
25:10 Nopoli Rockclimbing Goby
29:00 Barbel
29:00 Hippopotamus
33:00 Big-eye Jack
33:45 Silver-tipped Shark
35:50 Ocellaris Clownfish
39:10 Anchovy school
41:10 Ragged-tooth Sharks
43:30 Snappers
45:50 Whale Shark
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