BBC - Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life (2009)

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576.82092 DAR 200 birth anniversary
7:00Giant Toitoises on different islands 9:30Giant Sloth fossil 12:30Blue tit overproduces offspring - natural selection
12:40Finches 13:40Tree of life - "I think" 14:20Artificial selection of dogs: different species?
19:00Alfred Russel Wallace letter; Linnean Society reads paper 24:00Richard Owen (Natural History Museum) opposes evolution (had named Giant Sloth for Darwin) 25:30Layers of sedimentary rock
28:00Richard Owen finds Archeopteryx fossil - calls it bird - missing link? 31:00Hoatzin has claws on wings 31:30Platypus part mammal, part reptile
35:30Charlia fossil - resembles seafans 36:00Jellyfish fossils - pre-Cambrian 37:0017th century Irish estimated life created 4004 BC.
37:40Marie Curie: Uranium decay can be used for dating 39:00Frogs found on both sides of Atlantic (Europe/Africa and South America) 39:501912 continental drift proposed by German geologist
41:30William Paley - watchmaker (designer) 42:40Eyespots - lens evolution 45:00Mendel peas: some traits can skip a generation (factors)
46:001853 Watson and Crick in Cavendish Laboratory build DNA models 46:55Jellyfish luminous gene transplanted into glowing mouse 47:30Kangaroos related to koalas
48:30Tree of life started with cells 49:00body cavity - sponges 50:00land animals 450 MYA; insects
51:00Bones, jaws, amphibians 375 MYA 52:00Dinosaurs extinct 65 MYA 52:30Birds and mammals
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