Adventures In Birdwatching Disc 1: Washington Predators (2000)

Get a close-up look at predators ranging from Hawks to Eagles and the American Crow at the Northwest Raptor Rehab Center.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
Ken Dial explains the adaptations of avian predators. and explores the social behavior of the opportunistic crows.
2:40Olympic Peninsula: Orphan Western Screech Owl imprints on human keeper 3:30 Golden Eagle has hunter's traits: binocular vision for depth perception, bill for tearing and ripping, strong wings and talons, nictitating membranes keep eyes clean. 4:35 Northern Harrier flies slow and low, Bald Eagle and Ospreys dive bomb the water,
5:10Eyes of predators and prey 5:40 Peregrine Falcon dives to catch pigeon in air 8:45Westport: Great Black-backed Gull snatches Puffin out of the air
11:20Hoh Rainforest Corvids: American Crow : sentinel watches on perch, scavenge on picnic food, sound alarm calls 18:45 Marbled Murrelet chick swallows fish   
2:40 Western Screech Owl
3:30 Golden Eagle
4:35 Northern Harrier
4:35 Bald Eagle
5:40 Peregrine Falcon
8:45 Great Black-backed Gull
11:20 American Crow
18:45 Marbled Murrelet
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