Adventures In Birdwatching Disc 1: Massachusetts Songbirds (2000)

Tour the Mount Auburn Cemetery to catch a glimpse of the songbirds flit about the trees in morning song in Cambridge.
Peter's DVD rating: 3.0 stars
Interesting segment on the Gray Catbird repeating an exact phrase minutes apart. The cinematography is mediocre; many shots of birds are too poor to show as stills.
3:30Blackburnian Warbler 3:40Tennessee Warbler 4:20Solitary Vireo
5:10 Scarlet Tanager 5:45Baltimore Oriole 6:20Blackpoll Warbler
6:45Mourning Dove courting 8:35Broadmoor Sanctuary: dawn songs 10:40 Gray Catbird mimicking, repeating many minutes later
13:30Females count the males' songs 16:30Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (Plum Island) 17:30Gray Catbird
18:20 American Redstart 19:35 Black-throated Blue Warbler female 20:10Baltimore Oriole lured by a call
21:20 Northern Parula 22:25 Yellow Warbler?   
5:10 Scarlet Tanager
10:40 Gray Catbird
18:20 American Redstart
19:35 Black-throated Blue Warbler
21:20 Northern Parula
22:25 Yellow Warbler?
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