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General Science:
Inquiry-based Learning: discovery-based learning Project-based Learning: cooperative learning and collaborative problem solving: brainstorming, feedback, revising... Problem-based Learning: student-centered, inquiry-based, integrated, collaborative, reiterative (clinical): no single answer Cooperative Learning Authentic Assessment Questioning Writing First Year Teaching Organizations
Classroom Management
Best Teaching Practices (GuideToOnlineSchools)
Classroom Management by Manning and Bucher
INTASC Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
Solutions for Handling Misbehavior MASTER Teacher, Inc.

Chapter 1
Ask Eric: Resources on Classroom Management: moved to:
  Educator's Reference Desk: annotated links
Managing Inappropriate Behavior from ERIC: very brief digests, eg, token economies
Classroom Management Database: incidents: elementary grades

Chapter 3
Beyond Discipline by Alfie Kohn
School Discipline & Classroom Management: A Bibliography
Canter & Associates
The Canter and Jones Models from Developing a Discipline Plan for You by Thomas H. Allen

Chapter 4
Dreikurs Montessori School (DEFUNCT)
Challenge of Kindergarten by Theodore E. Grubbe
Dealing Effectively with Children's Mistaken Goals by Henry T. Stein
North American Society of Adlerian Psychology

Chapter 5
Notes from Haim Ginott's Books Between Teacher and Child, Between Parent and Teenager
Why Positive Reinforcement Works! from Family Education Network
I am the decisive element in the classroom from Chaminade College Preparatory (DEFUNCT)
BUILDING SELF-WORTH IN CHILDREN from Manitoba Agriculture and Food

Chapter 6
Publication List of NCSCPA, moved from
Classroom Management from University of Limerick
Kounin Classroom Management from Dr. Darrel W. Fyffe, Kentucky Christian College

Chapter 7
Discipline Associates
Richard Curwin bio
As Tough as Necessary: excerpts from Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Discipline With Dignity:
excerpts from Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
A Humane Approach to Reducing Violence in Schools
by Richard L. Curwin, February 1995 - Educational Leadership
The Healing Power of Altruism by Richard L. Curwin, November 1993 - Educational Leadership
Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance by Richard L. Curwin and Allen N. Mendler
Safeguarding Our Schools by Amy Eckman
Discipline With Dignity by Richard Curwin and Allen Mendler

Chapter 8
Fred Jones's Tools for Teaching
Jones Positive Classroom Discipline  from Dr. Darrel W. Fyffe, Kentucky Christian College
Elementary School positive discipline program?
moved from

Chapter 13
California Safe Schools and Violence Prevention
ISBE School Safety
Michigan Safe Schools
Sacramental County Office of Education (DEFUNCT)
Virginia Center for School Safety (moved from
Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools
(moved from
Trends and Issues: School Safety (Clearinghouse on Educational Management)
Keep Schools Safe
School Safety (National Education Association)
National Alliance for Safe Schools
National Resource Center for Safe Schools (moved to below)
National School Safety Center
The Safetyzone
Safe Schools Coalition (moved from

Chapter 14
Discipline and School Safety from American Federation of Teachers
What is your classroom management profile? Indiana University - Center for Adolescent Studies
Classroom Management: discipline & organization
CanTeach (moved from
Classroom Management by Jody Camp (moved from
Classroom Management by Gene Van Tassell (DEFUNCT)
Classroom Management from University of Limerick
Optional Elements of a Discipline Plan by Thomas H. Allen
The Wave Research Series  Florida Department of Education Bureau of Improving Academic Standards 
Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline by Kathleen Cotton
Gaining Control in Your Classroom by Kathie Nunley (moved from
What's Noteworthy on Learners, Learning, and Schooling
(moved from
Organization and Management of the Classroom Project PARA
A Primer on Behavior Management Dr. Mac
Classroom Management Topics Teachnet.Com

Chapter 15
Classroom Management Tips A to Z Teacher Stuff
Classroom Management Concepts Office of School Readiness - Georgia Prekindergarten Program
CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Effective Ways to Have an Orderly Classroom (moved from
11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline Discipline by Design
Stages of Discipline Discipline by Design
Classroom Management Database
Classroom Management Locker Leprechaun
 Information on Rules and Consequences:
Solutions for Handling Misbehavior MASTER Teacher, Inc.
Creating Standards for Student Behavior Temple Teachers' Connection
 Sample Classroom Management Plans:
Doreen Motooka's class a fourth grade teacher in Hawaii (DEFUNCT)
 Respecting Diversity in a Management Plan:
Adjustments in Classroom Management by Suzanne H. Stevens (DEFUNCT) (DEFUNCT) (DEFUNCT)
School-Wide Behavioral Management Systems Research Connections

"Only gametes and gametophytes have sex" - James D. Mauseth, Botany, An Introduction To Plant Biology
Compiled by Peter.